Lets face it. Email has taken over in a world where everyone has an electronic device at their fingertips. It is estimated that there will be close to 5.6 billion people using emails by the end of this decade alone!

Now, the eternal question:

Can you afford to risk losing your emails as a result of you being locked out of your own account or your email account being compromised or hacked into by unauthorized users?

We live in age where we have come to this comfort zone of trusting the tech companies with our most valuable and private data thinking that our data and privacy are safe in the hands of these corporations. We just assume or take this for granted. We rely on their assurances and cryptic techie sounding words that very few people understand. We believe it because it all sounds “high tech” and very reassuring. We really do not know for sure what really happens to our data or how they are being handled or their location. They are on the cloud, somewhere! But, in recent times we are now becoming very aware of the fact that there are frequent data and security breaches happening at these tech giants despite their elaborate measures to safeguard their networks and the safety of our data.

We, at Tecbasics are not disputing the technology or the safety features or the good intention of tech companies to safeguard your data privacy and security. But we do however believe that the you should not blindly rely on outside companies when it comes to your valuable data like emails. Given the frequent data and privacy breaches and revelations about accounts being illegally accessed or compromised or locked out, it only makes sense to backup your valuable data to your private home network and avoid losing it on the cloud due to any kind of cyber attach or mishap.

Let's not forget the pains of two-step authentication!

You have your mobile phone associated as one of the authenticating devices. One day you lose your phone or move and change your phone number and forget to or unable to update your email account and voila! You are locked out! You will be directed through a "secondary protocol" - fill out the account recovery forms, prove to the world that it is really you. Meanwhile, what about your emails??

This is precisely why we built this device - to help you gain control of your data in the comfort and privacy of your own home. The MailBox is a standalone mail archiving device that does not need your intervention or supervision other than setting it up or if it needs your attention. The device may be accessed by other devices like a PC, laptop, mobile or tablet within your home network making the device a central source of archive for all your family's email as against carrying a backup on a single device like a laptop.

We built the mail backup software application from ground up to keep it downright simple and user friendly. We built and configured the MailBox to readily hook up into your home network and be operational within minutes without requiring any elaborate configuration from you. Just plug it, set it up and forget it! The MailBox will automatically back up your emails at the designated time that you setup. The device is protected by a built-in firewall that prevents any unauthorized access. The Mail Backup Unit comes with 128GB of space, so there is plenty of space to back up your emails.

Social Awareness - Privacy Policy is NOT Privacy Law.

We at Tecbasics strongly believe in the rights of the users to their privacy as well as the control and the security of their private data. Sadly in today's environment we, as technology users, have signed over those fundamental rights to tech companies, who in turn control our rights with their fine print buried in thick volume of terms and conditions of service. This has been echoed by many privacy advocates, as well as notably by United States senate during the public hearing of data breach of a tech company. Taking a close look at these terms of services will reveal that users are legally waiving their rights and explicitly or implicitly agree to be monitored and be bound by access controls and protocols laid out by these tech service providers. On a normal day this may not mean much as a normal user takes it for granted the access to these services and expects to just get it without realizing that the service provider is not legally obligated to grant access to user's own private data held on the tech company's servers citing befitting reasons. And without a backup, the user loses access to the data that is needed in that moment. Unlike in Europe where the users have a legally guaranteed access to their data, there are no privacy laws in North America providing such clear and unconditional legal guarantees to the user. It is largely left up to the service provide to craft their own policies making it a PRIVACY POLICY, not PRIVAY LAWS. And these policies can change to the whims of companies that are crafting them. In the end it becomes the responsibility of the user to ensure he or she has access to the data with alternate means, such as a private backup. At Tecbasics, it is one of our goals to create simple products and services that give back the users their fundamental rights, access and control of their private data and hold them in a place of safety, their home. The Mail Backup Unit is our first attempt aimed at this goal. This unit may not address the core of hotly debated privacy issues, but it allows the users to take steps to protect their data in the event they lose access to their cloud email account.