Our Mission

"Build simple and useful technologies for everyday life."

Hi, this is Sonny. I am the founder of Tecbasics.

I have always been a techie. It is probably the only thing I do best, well next to cooking, and let’s not forget traveling the world, meeting people and eating their food! Sometimes I wondered if I should have been a chef. More accurately a traveling chef. What a way to spend a lifetime! Somehow I could never stay away from my laptop. Always tinkering. Always coming up with crazy ideas for apps. For years I designed and built a lot of apps, only none of them made any impact in the world leaving me very dissatisfied and unfulfilled. I never stopped trying. One might say I failed more times than most people ever tried. Then, it happened. One day I found out to my own surprise I could build gadgets and devices. I never touched a screw driver in my life always telling myself that I am not a handyman. Turns out I can! Well, one thing led to another and finally my focus became firmly set on building devices, services and connecting them with people through a common thread – the Internet. I built a couple of devices, wrote the network infrastructure around it and voila! I fell in love. It has now become my vision to build gadgets, services, technologies that are essential, practical and useful in our day to day lives.

Tecbasics is unique and uncommon, and we have no intention to be otherwise.

We are a startup company, with full focus and commitment to our vision. Our present team consists of the founder and a network of associates and partners.